Commercial Tire and Retread Distributor, BestDrive LLC, Celebrates Opening in Detroit Area

Commercial Tire and Retread Distributor, BestDrive LLC, Celebrates Opening in Detroit Area

By Kyle Rodgers 371 (318) Comments
  •  Only the third outlet of its kind, BestDrive in Taylor, Michigan will provide support to customers in the Great Lakes region
  • Investment in the 60,000 square-foot-facility aims to produce more than 200 retreads per day by 2020

Taylor, Mich., June 4, 2015. Today, BestDrive LLC (BestDrive), a commercial tire retreader and distributor, celebrates the opening of its newest location in Taylor, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

BestDrive outlets specialize in servicing fleet customers with new tires, retreads, casing management and other commercial tire-related services. The parent company of BestDrive, Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, invested more than $1.5 million in the Taylor BestDrive facility.

“The City of Taylor is extremely excited to have BestDrive locate in our community,” said Rick Sollars, mayor of the City of Taylor. “We’re very excited about the good things happening in our city. We’re seeing an upturn in business activity all over the community, and we are looking forward to working with BestDrive on a regular basis.”

The 60,000 square-foot-facility currently employs 14 people with plans to employ more than 40 people by 2020. Today the facility produces 60 retreads per day, and plans to produce more than 200 retreads per day within five years.

“We’re opening BestDrive outlets in markets where key fleet customers have expressed a need for retread options,” said Clif Armstrong, managing director of BestDrive. “The Detroit area is a market that has a significant impact on our business and this newest BestDrive location in Taylor will provide us with a strong presence to meet the needs of customers in this region. We’re excited to be here and look forward to increasing production at BestDrive Taylor.”

This is the third BestDrive outlet to open in the U.S. Now with locations in the Detroit, Memphis and Phoenix metropolitan areas, Continental can provide broader support for servicing key fleet customers through BestDrive outlets and offer a wide range of services, including new tires and ContiTread retreads.

BestDrive outlets carry multiple brands of radial truck tires in addition to Continental-branded items. Continental Passenger and Light Truck Tires for commercial fleets, Continental Specialty Tires, ContiPressureCheck Commercial TPMS systems, and offerings from Continental Automotive may also be found at BestDrive outlets.

318 thoughts on “Commercial Tire and Retread Distributor, BestDrive LLC, Celebrates Opening in Detroit Area”

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